About Us

Welcome to Buzzit

Here you can share your advertising content and get quality organic traffic and backlink 60 + DA.

What does it mean to share advertising content?

Buzzit is basically an Online Advertising Wall.
Through Buzzit system you can share your gigs on the Fiverr site,
Advertise the online services you offer (web development, banner design, logo design, SEO promotion and more ...)
You can actually post anything that does not violate our rules and site rules.
Here you can see an example of Gig's post on Fiverr:

Fiverr Gig example

In fact it is very easy to publish a post:

1. Click on the "Publish Post" button at the top of the site.
2. Drag a picture of the gig (or any other service you want to advertise) from your computer.
3. Edit content and write details about the gig or service offered and then click Post.
4. Once the ad has been published you can add a link in the comments below the image of the gig.
This link should point to your Fiverr page or the site where you offer the service.

You can post 1 without registering to Buzzit.
Signing up for Buzzit is essential.
A registered user can manage his Advertising board and update / remove irrelevant ads.
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